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Best Age to Start Swim Lessons

The Best Age to Start Swim Lessons for Your Baby: 4 Benefits

The Best age to start swim lessons for infants and toddlers is based on developmental milestones and safety ...
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Nose Plugs For Swimmers

Top 8 Benefits Of Nose Plugs For Swimmers

Nose plugs for swimmers are incredibly helpful! They keep water out of your nose, making swimming much more ...
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USA Swimming Olympic Trials

Breaking Down 2024 USA Swimming Olympic Trials: Who to Watch

As the 2024 USA Swimming Olympic Trials approach, the excitement within the swimming community is palpable. With 1007 ...
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Goldfish Swim Lessons

Baby’s First Goldfish Swim Lessons: What to Expect From day-1

Introducing your baby to swimming at Goldfish Swim School is an exciting step! It’s more than just playing ...
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Earplugs for Swimmers

Top 20 Earplugs for Swimmers: Features and Comparisons

Swimming is a fantastic exercise and a fun activity, but getting water in your ears can lead to ...
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Mental Training for Swimmers

Mind Over Water: The Importance of Mental Training for Swimmers

Swimming requires incredible physical endurance, strength, and technique, but it’s not just about the body. Mental training is ...
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Benefits of Swimming

Building Grit: The Hidden Benefits of Swimming

In the quest to equip our children with the skills they need for success, we often overlook the ...
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Competitive Swimming

Embracing Mental Training: The Key to Unlocking Success in Competitive Swimming

In the world of competitive sports, including swimming, there's a noticeable shift towards recognizing the importance of mental ...
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Costs of Swimming

Navigating the Rising Costs of Swimming: Is It Worth It?

In today's world, the cost of swimming is steadily climbing higher. From monthly training fees reaching into the ...
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