Meet the Founder of Psych Sheet

I come from Small Town, USA, and I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where I was a four-year letter winner and captain of the swim team.

After completing my studies in economics and psychology in four years, I entered the corporate world in Sales and Marketing Management, working with Johnson & Johnson, AC Nielsen Marketing Research, and Coca-Cola USA.

Personal health challenges led me to deep studies in neuroscience and neuroplasticity, epigenetics, mind-body medicine, and brain/heart coherence. The truth is, I didn’t consciously pursue this path; I HAD to after experiencing at least 12 strokes that left me unable to walk and talk for months. I had to learn for my own reasons, but now I am ready to assist you and your family in achieving things you never thought possible. I am living proof that you can, indeed, do it.

In 2016, when my son watched Michael Phelps in the Olympics, he got excited—not only because of Phelps' victory but also because it transported his dad back to a time and place he had longed for. When my son expressed his desire to go down to the pool, learn certain strokes, and start practicing like Michael, it was music to my ears!

Not long after, he enrolled in his first USA Swimming Program, starting just like your kids, working his way up through different strokes and distances. He continues to develop and swim faster, and he's now looking at colleges where he can continue his swimming career before beginning his professional journey.


Even now, I have a strong desire to participate with him in every meet possible. Setting the next generation of swimmers up for success and truly giving back with the same passion I had for the sport before the USA dropped out of the 1980 Olympics during my senior year in college has been a gift my son has given me, and I desire to share that with your family.

“As a parent, I get that which we are trying to create for our children…without the burden of perfectionism or transforming them into egomaniacs. We must all be able to fit into the programs and adapt to the higher levels of competition while watching out for the pitfalls at the same time.”