“Two big thumbs up! Highly recommended!”


“Excellent program. Has taught my child healthy and useful habits so that she can excel in her chosen sport.”


“I knew very little about the sport of swimming when my son joined a swim club. He had a natural ability to swim but often struggled if he didn’t get a best time at a meet. Psych Sheet has provided him with the mental skill set to that helps him lay out his goals and then teaches him how to take one step at a time to not only achieve those goals but to exceed them!”


“The group coaching is amazing. My daughter has learned so much! She loves the connection with other swimmers and the Psych Sheet leaders are extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. “

Are you ready to allow your son or daughter to join this

Mental Training Program?

There is a limit to the number of swimmers we can accommodate on specific calls…

We generally attempt to keep boys and girls of similar ages together so the languaging is appropriate for each age group.

Our summer groups are being formed right now!