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At Psych Sheet, we understand that true success in competitive swimming is not solely dependent on physical prowess but also on mental fortitude. Our innovative approach combines the latest in energy-based neural retraining with proven techniques to harmonize your conscious and subconscious minds. For swimmers struggling with mental blocks that are hindering their performance, our method offers a transformative solution that requires no practice. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, fear of failure, or negative self-talk, the Magical Mind Process™ can help your child break through these barriers and achieve peak performance.

The Evolution of Mental Training

Traditional Methods

Psych Sheet strongly believes in the effectiveness of these tools and actively teaches and encourages our athletes to practice them regularly. For years, athletes have relied on proven methods such as visualization, meditation, goal setting, and relaxation techniques to enhance their performance. These techniques have been essential in helping athletes focus, reduce anxiety, and achieve their goals.

Next-Level Techniques

In 1987, a groundbreaking advancement arrived with the introduction of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This method marked a new era in understanding how the brain processes information and memories, significantly impacting daily life and athletic performance.
Since then, more emphasis has been placed on how the brain processes information and memories. Our understanding of these processes has deepened, revealing how they can affect an athlete's performance and overall well-being.

The Psych Sheet Advantage

What is the Magical Mind Process™?

The Magical Mind Process™ (MMP) is the latest energy-psychology technique, designed to work directly with the subconscious mind. Unlike basic neural retraining methods that require hours of practice and work through the conscious mind to influence the subconscious, the Magical Mind Process™ allows your brain to rewire itself during the session.

The Magical Mind Process™ is a structured program designed to align your conscious and subconscious minds. It involves a series of steps to identify and reprogram limiting beliefs, enhance focus and concentration, and build mental toughness and resilience. By addressing the mental aspects of swimming, we help you unlock your full potential and swim with confidence and determination.

Magical Mind Process™ leverages a groundbreaking discovery in neuroscience known as the “Window of Reconsolidation”, allowing the brain to consolidate and neutralize negative memories within seconds. This makes personal transformation and positive change more accessible than ever before. Clients often experience noticeable positive changes during each session, leaving no doubt about the progress being made. Unexpected reactions frequently occur as changes take place, making the process enjoyable for the athlete.

The Magical Mind Process™ is rooted in The MAP Method, which draws upon neuroscience principles. Colette Streicher, the creator of Neuroscience MAP, revolutionized psychology by discovering a process in the brain that allows us to open neural connections and rewrite long-term emotional memories.

Why Choose the Magical Mind Process™?

The Magical Mind Process™ offers several distinct advantages for competitive swimmers:

  • No Practice Needed: With the MMP™, your brain rewires itself during the session, eliminating the need for repetitive practice.
  • Relaxed State, Not Trance: Unlike hypnosis, MMP sessions require a relaxed, meditative state, not a trance state. You remain awake and aware throughout the session.
  • Convenient and Accessible: Sessions are conducted via Zoom videoconference, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own home.

How It Works

Step 1:

Initial Session

During your first session, we will choose a subject to address, such as a phobia, anxiety trigger, or painful emotional memory. For swimmers, this could be related to performance anxiety, fear of failure, or a traumatic experience in competition.

Step 2:

Forming an Intention

You will form an intention and choose a specific memory related to your topic. You'll then rate the intensity of the emotions associated with this memory.

Step 3:

Subconscious Instructions

As you focus on your memory, the MMP Practitioner provides instructions to your subconscious mind in plain English. Your brain will start identifying related memories and neutralizing them.

Step 4:

Healing Process

Your subconscious mind sets the pace and always remains in control of the session. Most clients report feeling relaxed and peaceful by the end of a MMP session. You may notice sensations of rewiring, such as tingling, buzzing, or REM eye movements, and you might observe your mind flipping through memories as if searching a database.

The Benefits of Neutralizing Memories

All behaviors—emotional, mental, or physical—are based on a collage of memories. The brain ranks these memories by their emotional intensity, the more intense the memory, the greater its impact. By neutralizing the intensity of painful memories, the associated behaviors are de-prioritized in the mind's operating system, allowing for behavioral change. Memories are not erased during the process; instead, the emotions attached to the memory will dissipate so that there is no longer an emotional charge that can affect the athlete's performance. This can happen briefly after one session and last longer after repeated sessions.

Practical Applications for Swimmers

For competitive swimmers, this process is particularly beneficial. By neutralizing memories related to performance anxiety, fear of failure, or past traumas, swimmers can remove mental blocks and enhance their focus and performance.

The Experience

What to Expect

During an MMP session, you remain in a relaxed, meditative state. You may feel sensations of rewiring in your brain, such as tingling, buzzing, or REM eye movements. You might sense that your mind is working on something, even if you are not consciously aware of what it is. Some clients observe their minds flipping through memories, much like searching a database. It's important to note that we are not erasing memories; you will still remember them, but they will have less emotional intensity.

Who is Receptive?

Athletes who are emotionally sensitive, empathic, creative, intuitive or perceptive are particularly receptive to the Magical Mind Process™. Finding the right practitioner is also crucial. Although all MMP practitioners use the same general technique, their empathic and intuitive skills, ability to tune into your energy, and experience play a significant role in the process.

Practical Applications

Pre-Race Preparation Use visualization to mentally rehearse your performance, focusing on executing each stroke with precision. This mental rehearsal reduces pre-race anxiety and boosts confidence.

In-Competition Strategies Maintain focus and composure with anchor words or phrases and breathing techniques. These tools help you stay centered and manage stress during high-pressure moments.

Post-Race Reflection Reflect on your performance through journaling. Document what went well and identify areas for improvement, reinforcing positive experiences and gaining insights for future trainings.

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