The Psych Sheet Podcast

Episode 3:

Denise Andruss on How She Deals with 4 Children: 3 are Competitive Swimmers

How does an All-American swimmer guide her children who follow her into the competitive swimming world? Well, she doesn't. Listen to the informative interview with Denise Andruss from the Lakeside Aquatic Club in Texas regarding how she deals with 4 children, 3 of which swim competitively. Lakeside (LAC) has been the 14 and Under Champions for much of the past 5 years, ranked as the Top program for 12 and Under this year. While being highly ranked on a National level, her children do what our children do. They are homeschooled, go to swim practice and practice their faith. Listen to this amazing interview!

Episode 2:

Matthew Jayne... A Swimmer and A Coach with A Story!

Like many in the Triangle Area, he grew up swimming in summer league programs until he was convinced to join a team and swim year round. Deciding NOT to swim in college, he instead focused on swimming for himself and for his own joy without the pressure he put on himself to always dropping time.  It was this decision that allowed MJ to come back and Coach at the Triangle Aquatic Center with the TAC Titans.   Remembering all of the challenges he went through as a teenage swimmer is part of the whole package of empathy he offers to Titan Swimmers.

Episode 1:

Jerry Chen Talks about Having a Positive Mind Set in the Pool

The inaugural episode of The Psych Sheet Podcast begins with one of our favorite swimmers. Jerry Chen is a top swimmer in the ACC who is currently attending the University of Pittsburgh. With 5 first place finishes in the 2021 - 2022 season, Jerry is extremely dedicated to his sport while maintaining his ACC Academic Honor Roll status. Jerry talks about how he keeps a positive attitude even while going through challenging times.