A: The subconscious mind influences our automatic responses, habits, and even physiological states. By aligning it with your conscious goals, you can enhance your performance and overcome mental blocks.

A: Results can vary, but many swimmers report noticeable improvements in focus, confidence, and performance within a few weeks of consistent practice.

A: Absolutely! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our process is tailored to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your personal best.

A: We always recommend that working together with your child is a tremendous opportunity to observe what your child is learning. The recent uproar with school “zoom calls” make this avenue very appealing and useful. Parental involvement is key to every aspect of growth, and we support it!

A: If you would like to! Many coaches support this process and often ask their Club swimmers to enroll, but this decision is totally up to you.

A: Supporting your child obviously makes sense to us. As parents and/or coaches, anything that can facilitate a “better” experience is one in which we fully support. The unique bond you have with your child is intended to grow stronger over time. While we recognize that the parent/child bond is often in flex, depending on the age of the child, this training allows conversation at a deeper level for now and perhaps through their teen years.

A: Of course! We offer a 20 minute consultation where we can answer any of your questions and look forward to meeting with you during that period. Just hit the button below and sign up with a phone number/email and we will connect at a time of your choosing.

A: We guarantee that the first 2 sessions will be eye-opening and useful for your child. The opportunity lies with the daily and weekly practice of habit-setting that can take them through their entire life. We believe that the benefits of this program far exceed the risk and that you may see levels of growth and maturity in a short period of time. Nonetheless, if you feel this program is not for your child after the second installment of training, you can request a No Questions Asked Refund.
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There is a limit to the number of swimmers we can accommodate on specific calls…

We generally attempt to keep boys and girls of similar ages together so the languaging is appropriate for each age group.

Our summer groups are being formed right now!