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Psych Sheet for Parents

Psych Sheet for parents is designed for Swim Parents BY SWIM PARENTS. On our membership site, we can offer you some of the answers to questions that have been perplexing to you whether you are a first-time swim parent or a 10-year veteran.

Each week, we offer you some perspective into the world of swimming through the eyes of parents, sharing points of interest the coaches and your children might have regarding their personal improvements.

Whether your child has a goal of getting his/her first A time or swimming competitively through college, you will receive insights and tips that will foster communication between coaches, swimmers, and parents.

The swimming universe can be a complex web of trial and error and PSYCH SHEET looks to smooth out the highs and the lows that this sport offers. At some level, the goal can be just to go faster each year, but the day-to-day challenges can be a little more complex.

So, by understanding these facts, we hope to foster an environment where you and your children can navigate the short course and long course season with ease, recognizing that team philosophy and coaching decisions vary across the nation. When you add High School Swimming to the equation, there can be so many moving pieces that parents need an outlet to process the multiple decisions that your child may be faced with daily.

Additionally, we strive to share the very latest science on brain development so you and your child can understand the motivational components to swimming.


In addition to Psych Sheet for Parents, we offer several other courses for your child directly. Our first course is called simply, HEAT 1. In Heat 1, we look at the key attributes of goal setting, general life satisfaction, building confidence, and enjoyment of the sport. We also have other offerings called Heat 2, Heat 3 and so on that provide an entire curriculum that fosters the spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship while teaching them how to process competition in practice and in the meets.

Each one of these HEATS will advance your understanding of the process of mental training for swimmers so your son and daughter can stairstep their way up the award stands and achieve whatever their goals may be.

When you join Psych Sheet for Parents you will receive weekly membership-only content. Included in your membership are keys on how to help your swimmer build healthy mental habits and interviews with coaches who have coached at the highest levels of competition. All of this for the introductory price of $19 per month.

FINALLY, a program designed to understand the many facets of competitive swimming from the swimmer to the parent!

We are grateful and pleased that you have elected to join us at PSYCH SHEET and hope we meet every one of your expectations.

We’ll see you at the pool,

The parents and coaches and swimmers of PSYCH SHEET