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It takes very little time in the Swimming Universe to learn that mind and body are linked in ways MOST people never understood before.

Let me know if this is a familiar occurrence…

A 6 or 7-year-old takes swimming lessons and at the end of summer, the coach comes by and invites your child to join the CLUB team. Both you and your child think this could be a great opportunity and you gratefully accept the offer and join the Team.

A Message from Mental Coach Mike


Well, there are 4-5 practices a week and the thought of a taxi service crosses your mind.

The equipment list comes out with goggles, paddles, fins, swimsuits, pull buoys, kickboards, towels, caps, snorkels, etc.

Your child has a new coach, who you have never met before.

Your son or daughter is exposed to new strokes that demand a higher degree of excellence and distances that are MUCH longer than summer lessons ever indicated.

You get information about swim meets and that your family will dutifully go support the children and you don’t REALLY know how to sign them up.

You are expected to donate personal time to time or be a meet marshal or otherwise ensure safety is the name of the game.

And you might even get to watch your child swim a race or two.

Now all of this is normal, and time tested…it works for the safety and execution of the racing structure…which happens EVERY MONTH in most places!!

And it is ALL WORTH IT!

You and your child made a commitment to be a part of a Team who will give them every opportunity to grow and learn and make new friends and expand horizons and learn how to be "good sports" ... and to win and lose.

Swimming offers all of that and allows you child to develop friendships and build integrity and many other attributes consistent with muscle coordination and learning about their natural limitations…and how to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Competitive swimming is all this and SO MUCH MORE! The team aspect is yet another area of growth and opportunity and as your child grows and ages up to another level, the events and the distances change, and the goal is to always go faster. That is how we demonstrate success and accomplishment and growth from one year to the next. Best times become our friends and we are always looking for BEST TIMES!! It means we did our training well.

The Coaches are developed by working with many different groups so they too, can improve and can assist in the growth process of their own skillsets.

Different drills and sets for each stroke are designed to build your child's strength and coordination in line with the best practices of each stroke and their individual growth patterns so that success can be achieved.

Soon, your child will be invited to do dryland exercises to assist in building strength and assist in their conditioning efforts, thereby allowing them to continue chasing BEST TIMES and newer "CUTS".

Moving competitive groups, ever increasing trips to the pool, more meets and racing, dryland workouts and at some level, even nutrition is being added to the list of "things" that can help your child become a finely tuned athlete…looking for BEST TIMES and more CUTS. Attending higher quality meets like State Champs, Sectional or Zone Meets and, hopefully National swim meets is the goal…a goal you NEVER even thought about when your child was 6 or 7.

So, to recap, you have various equipment list that you will need to generate every year or so, swimsuits that ultimately wear out or we watch them outgrow. Multiple pairs of goggles and squeeze bottles to go with the t-shirts and hoodies and sweats. Nutritional needs, sleep, school projects and grades and all the time parents put in to support their growth and safety can be costly.

But there is more that we haven't touched upon even after this extensive list. Do you know what that might be?

We develop their physical body, address their nutritional needs, build their cardiovascular endurance, insist on more sleep (which is typically not a problem for a swimmer) and hope for fun and joy and good sportsmanship and connection with friends and competitors. And there is one more area where we can REALLY help them grow.
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7th Grader | 13

“I have been swimming for 3 years now. My performance has improved so much over the past 5 months. I seem more focused than before because my mind is calm.”

What We Offer

Our Programs



Provides a basic framework to learn the mental processes that produce the best opportunity for excellence in the pool.



Advanced mental training skills. As you will learn, these skills can be used in every area of life. Improvement in school and in other facets of life can also be expected if you work the process mindfully.



Time to add more to your mental training foundation.

Their Mind ...

We need to teach them how to think in ways that support their efforts and our financial investments in creating the success we all hope can be achieved.

Their “Inner World of Swimming” must be taught and developed while all of this is going on outside in the swimming pool.

There have been so many aspects of training and stroke development that has occurred over the past few decades.... Tech suits, underwaters, strength training with weights and other areas have been nearly fully exploited.

The mind may be the MOST IMPORTANT tool that your son or daughter has never trained for all these years…and it certainly isn’t their fault!

The Coach is doing his/her best just getting the right kick to go with the proper stroke. The nutritionist is helping with menus and the dryland coach is working to ensure no injuries while training those who are of age.

Yes, the mind, perhaps the most powerful instrument in all aspects of maturity and growth, may actually be the key to determine if all of this is ultimately worth it. That is where we come in.
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There is a limit to the number of swimmers we can accommodate on specific calls…

We generally attempt to keep boys and girls of similar ages together so the languaging is appropriate for each age group. Our summer groups are being formed right now!