• A 6-session mental training program over 3 months geared to swimmers.
  • Each session will be approximately 90 minutes long.
  • After the initial session, most training will include a 30-minute training and then some specific exercises that the students will be trained in for “homework” during the next week.
  • Each training is designed to build on the ones before so that there are healthy and useful habits to support them in their individual swimming circumstances.
  • Zoom training will be recorded so should events warrant or scheduling challenges surface, nothing will be lost in the time between sessions. They will continue doing their homework and practice sessions.
  • Consistency is key and is committed to facilitating a program that is of significant value in all aspects of the child’s swimming life.
  • Once the initial group is selected and training begins, no others will be added to the “team”. Building a team atmosphere in these zoom meetings can be a valuable addition to the overall maturity and growth aspects of the individuals.