There is one primary program that we have beta tested and are ready to announce at this time: introduces HEAT 1

a program that nearly anyone between 7-15 can benefit from as they continue in their swimming endeavors

Heat 1 Groups will be starting on 25 Sept at 7:00-8:30PM EDT

Heat 1 is a 6-week program delivered over 3 months via zoom where swimmers and their parents can learn more about goal-setting, mindfulness, flow, relaxation, and confidence. By developing these areas, swimmers will observe a quantum leap forward in their training process and execution at swim meets.

They will be growing their skills and will be translating them into MORE best times and cuts!!

There are several other programs in development, including some for our Coaches so that the terms and languaging they use in swimming sets and training in the pool meet the outside world of mental training. In this way, the synergy of mental training meets the coaching expertise of swimming yardage and stroke drills.


Heat 1 Groups will be starting on 25 Sept at 7:00-8:30PM EDT


Heat 1

6 Week Training Beginning 25 Sept at 7:00-8:30PM EDT

25 Sept

Session 1:

Starting Points for a Competitive Swimmer

02 Oct

Session 2:

Goal Setting

16 Oct

Session 3:


30 Oct

Session 4:


06 Novt

Session 5:

Anxiety & Nerves

20 Novt

Session 6:

Heat 1 Wrap Up

*All sessions will be recorded

It is a synergy whose time has come!


On the drawing board and in the testing arena are Heat 2, Heat 3, and Heat 4. Each of these builds on the initial Heat 1 curriculum which is our basic program from which all other programs flow. Heat 1 is a prerequisite for the other training. It lays the groundwork for all other programs yet to be released.


Our initial seminar for PARENTS is under-development, currently, as well. Supporting your children and working with their coach by NOT WORKING AGAINST their coach is a topic many top administrators and coaches advised me to create to support the goal of the Team Concept in Swimming.

Stay aware and know we will bring new updates to this soon. Coaches, kids, and parents pulling in the same direction to effect change, is a dream come true for most in the competitive swimming environment. Please stay tuned!!


Heat 1 Groups

will be starting on 25 Sept at 7:00-8:30PM EDT

The purpose of Heat 1 is to provide a basic framework to learn the mental processes that produce the best opportunity for excellence in the pool.

We will introduce your child to the key areas of:

  • Setting clear goals
  • Effectiveness of training
  • Enjoyment of the sport
  • General life satisfaction
  • Building confidence
  • Relaxation

This will be done through instruction via Zoom sessions, learning about and practicing specific exercises and visualizations, and some tidbits from competitors and coaches to help your child succeed.

Since all modules build on each other, it is important, to begin with, Heat 1 for the 6-session package before signing up for Heat 2.