Psych Sheet Press Release

Psych Sheet, the preeminent mental training program for swimmers, is now available with its first product, HEAT 1.

Psych Sheet is a group of coaches, swimmers, officials and administrators who recognize the need for a mental training program to support the work of the on-deck coaches working on training and stroke development.  With so much emphasis on laps and stroke technique, these professionals recognize that a well rounded and complete program must include stroke development, nutrition, dryland strength training and flexibility, injury prevention, rest, AND Mental Training.

More and more teams are beginning to add these components to their swimming programs.  Coaches recognize that missing even 1 of these aspects can mean the difference between an all-State swimmer and a consolation finalist.

Psych Sheet is designed to address the educational needs of swimmers between 7-15 years of age.  It has 4 primary programs:

Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3 and Heat 4 and is generally conducted over 3 months with 6-90 minute sessions.  Included in these sessions are the mental training components that match their level of age and experience in swimming.  Fortunately, this program also includes short "homework" aspects that allow them to easily incorporate the learning into "thinking habits" for practice and meet competitions.

"It is critical to meet these swimmers where they are," said Mental Coach Mike, designer of the mental training program.  "Knowing where they are, relative to the optimum state of resilience and performance, is the key that allows this system to work in bite size segments.  Each "heat" will have the necessary training to answer "WHY" these specific aspects are important to each of the swimmers and their improvement each season.

A number of college swimmers are on the Board of Advisors as well as top coaches at the USA Swimming Club level.

Psych Sheet conducts weekly Zoom trainings to support the swimmer.  There are 6 sessions over 3 months and any swimmer from any part of the country (or world) can participate.  In the event of a scheduling conflict, the zoom link is sent to each of the swimmers so that they can develop the good habits that are necessary to become "mindful" in their swimming career.  Each 6 session training has 1 key topic to understand and practice during the training.  Swimmers will do the daily practice of the skill development on their own during the next 2 weeks and will report back to the group on the next session.

Swimmers and parents report significant changes in behavior, attention to detail and a enhanced growth in "understanding" why they are doing what they are doing and how it fits into the big picture.  Given time, these answers translate to more enjoyment in their chosen sport which may include going faster and making more cuts than ever before.

Parents and swimmers can go to to learn more about this program.  Coaches are invited to contact the staff for programs tailored to their team specifically, and to participate with the Board of Advisors or perhaps, a podcast supporting these attributes that are recognized as "holistic" and enhance the entire swimming experience.